Saturday, January 11, 2014

Power of a Smile

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Today was kinda a blah day. Rain. I wish I could dance in the rain. 

I heard this story once about a guy who went everyday to this bridge. He would smile and wave at every car that would pass by. In the beginning, people would sometimes wave back. But for a while nobody smiled back at him. This really hurt him, and one day he wrote a note and left it in his apartment saying that if nobody smiled at him that day he would jump the bridge into the river. He had no family or friends, and so those smiles people gave him was his world. When that stopped, his world stopped. That day no one smiled at him. :(

I hope your smile never needs to be a factor into a life or death situation, but the point is, you never know what struggle or pain is going on in a person's life. So you should try to brighten everyone's day. Smile at people you pass in the hall. Give a compliment to someone you barely know. 

There was a girl I knew once. She was a little overweight, and bullied a lot. She was quiet and barely looked into peoples faces because she was afraid that she would get hurt. 

I kept feeling like I should do something nice for her. I would smile and talk to her sometimes, but I knew I could do better. So for valentines day, I decided to give her a valentine. Now you must understand, back then, Fundip was gold and if you got it for a valentine you were forever in their debt. 

When I gave her that Fundip, her face lit up so much. She looked at me and tentatively asked, " for me?"  She probably hadn't gotten any valentines day cards or candy yet, and watched on the side as others received gifts galore. 

She moved away a week later. I was so grateful to have shown her that small kindness, to let her know that someone cared about her. I hope she is doing better where she lives now. I hope she knows how much her Father in heaven loves her. 

I would feel so guilty if I hadn't been kind to her before she moved away. So don't procrastinate your kindness. You don't know what effect you can make on people. :)

Go make someone smile for me ;)


  1. I love the power of a smile. Tis an unbelievable thing. I'm sorry today was a blah day! I had one of those yesterday.
    But d'you know what? Tomorrow can be better :) especially since tomorrow is Sunday! :D
    SMILE! :D I like writing it in all caps :)
    <3 Marie-Rose

  2. God answers the prayers of others through us. Sometimes there is no miracle when we pray for help. Sometimes He will send us an old friend, or a new friend, or a stranger who shows us kindness.

    1. I didn't think of it that way! I love how president Monson always talks about how the times he's felt the most joy, is when he realizing that he has been an answer to prayers. So we should smile and help people, and follow the Spirit!

  3. You make ME smile, so you have added another kindness to the world. I love you, sweet Eliza! Grandma

  4. I LOVE this. It is so true, I also think that smiling puts not only others in a better mood, but yourself in a better mood too! It is so important to be happy and enjoy life as that is what God wants us to do. This is great Eliza, all your post are amazing.