Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Little Princess

So I was watching A Little Princess yesterday. Absolutely love that movie.

We are all princesses. Well, or princes. You know what I mean. ;)
You are a daughter of Heavenly Father, who loves you. He is the most high King, and he knows you personally. As his daughter, you have the potential to become like him, a queen. You can do things beyond your imagination.

Through Christ is the only way that we can inherit the kingdom of God. As we follow the path he has laid out for us, we will be able to find our own happily ever after.

Someday, we will meet that prince and get married in a beautiful castle. Someday we will live together forever in happiness.

Remember, you are a princess. There was a talk in conference a couple years ago about a prince who was visiting neighboring countries. His friends tried to tempt him to lie, cheat, and take advantage of this opportunity away from the scrutinizing eyes of his kingdom and parents. When asked why he wouldn't partake in these immoral actions, he said that he couldn't imagine returning to home without being the best example of a prince. He would not compromise his honor for some fun. 

I hope we may all remember that one day, we truly will be queens. Be humble, kind, compassionate, faithful, loving, virtuous, and patient like a queen and princess should be. Even when you feel small and insignificant, never forget who your eternal dad is. He will protect you, and he knows the beauty and grace that is inside you. 

You are a princess. Now live up to your potential. 


  1. Thanks for acknowledging all of our young men princes out there. :) I feel like they never get much attention during conference time. Anyways. Thanks for the post! :D

    1. Oh I never though about that. Maybe I'll make a tribute to the boys in our lives later. :)

      For guys reading this, you have the potential to become kings in the kingdom of the most high God.