Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Pioneer Faith

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We are so lucky. I mean seriously, so lucky. 

Running water. Indoor heating. Family. Friends. America. Clothes. Flowers. 

Yeah sure none of those things are perfect. We fight with our families, wish our clothes were this or that, and think that some conspiracy business is going on with the government. But atleast we have those perfect imperfect things. 

I don't know how in the world the pioneers did it. First they didn't have indoor heating unless their house caught on fire. The occasional stream was their running water. Many of them left their families for their faith. Friends and family members died as they crossed the plains. They were leaving America to go to uncharted territory. Clothes were hard to find and hard to make, much less cute. And as they crossed the plains in the winter, they didn't even have flowers to comfort them.

All this on the words of a man. But they did it because they believed that God had called a prophet on the earth today, had restored precious truths that made up for all the pain they were going through. They believed in answers to prayers, in miracles. They believed in forever families and resurrection and Jesus Christ. 

We believe in that today too. Would we be able to leave our homes behind and follow God's will to walk across the country pushing handcarts in the dead of winter? Of course not all left in the winter. But even those who didn't: many had to choose between family expectations and will of God. Many knew the consequences of joining "them Mormons." Despised of many, killed and persecuted, and now tossed from the frying pan into the fire as they faced the uncertainty of the journey. 

As I think about that move, I am grateful for the trials small in comparison I am dealing with. I can still talk to friends in Virginia, and visit a couple times a year. My whole family is together, and we all love each other. I didn't have to push tons of weight twenty miles a day in order to reach an unknown destination. 

I got to go to trek this summer. It was so cool. At that point I knew I was moving. It was so amazing. I am truly amazed with the faith the pioneers had.

Keep the faith


  1. C. S. Lewis once said, "There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind." I like to think that the pioneers knew that there was something greater out there for them. The believed in the existence of something better.

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    2. And that hope is what helped them keep going! I'm so grateful that no matter what, in the gospel we know there will always be a brighter, happier day ahead of any dark night!

  2. I don't know how the pioneers did it, either. I admire them so much. Thank you for reminding me to be grateful for modern comforts as well as my opportunities as a convert :)

    <3 Marie-Rose