Friday, January 3, 2014

He Will Not Fail You


You need to watch this. The song is he will not fail you. I don't know if you've heard this yet, but I love this story and will share it again. This found in Matthew 14:22-33

Back when Christ was living on the earth, he had disciples. They were on a boat once, and mighty storms came. But then a man walked on water to them and told them not to fear. It was Christ, but they did not know that. Peter, the leader, asked if "if you are really the Son of God, let me walk on this water to you. "

That would be really scary. But Jesus said yes, come to me. So Peter stepped into the water. For a couple seconds he walked on water! With his eyes straight on the Savior, he walked to him. But then Peter got distracted by the storm, and got scared that he would sink and die. Once this fear and doubt entered his heart, he started sinking. He called out for Christ to save him, and straightaway, Christ grabbed his arm and pulled him back up.

This song is saying that sometimes, we need to leave behind our personal "ships," our doubts, sins, fears, and pain to walk to Christ. If we just believe that he will help us through the storm, then he will. We will be able to do incredible things as we trust in his love.

Please watch the video! This song helped me get through so many trials, heartache, and doubt. 


  1. I really liked this part in the Bible. I love how Peter believed in Christ, and, even more, I loved how Christ believed in Peter. He knew that Peter could do it.

    1. I never thought of it that way. I guess Heavenly Father gives us trials because he trusts us to have faith and to do what we can.

      You're so awesome!

  2. A beautiful post about a beautiful song. Thank you for sharing your amazing testimony!