Wednesday, January 28, 2015


So I just registered for efy last night! I'm so excited! Im going to Palmyra this year, and I'm rooming with one of the most amazing, sweet, gorgeous girls I have ever met! Super excited!

Also, I have been extended a calling as the ward bulletin specialist...kinda scary to be doing an "adult" job, but it's kind of exciting too! Hopefully I can magnify my calling and make atleast a small contribution to the kingdom :)

Finals week is over, and I am seriously so happy that it is! Not too excited to get the results, but hey I'm just glad that it's over.

I was thinking today about how our lives are a kaleidoscope, constantly changing and morphing, yet always made of the same integral parts. And with all these tiny parts, all jumbled together and reflected, our lives create a beautiful composition filled with love and hope and joy. But, you can only see the beauty of a kaleidoscope when you put it up to the light.

So use your kaleidoscope, turn to the light, and see the beauty that is all around you and in you!

<3 Eliza

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  1. Wow! I love your new calling! When I was sixteen, I directed the music for Sacrament Meeting and it was a bit scary even way back then in the olden days. It was just in a small branch we were attending for 6 months or so for Grandpa Grimshaw to attend a military school.