Sunday, February 23, 2014

Forever Family

I have this irrational fear of whenever my family is apart. For some reason, if Dad's on a business trip or Mom's at a wedding or something, I always get very scared. It's not that I miss them (well I do a little ;) but I am terrified that some accident will happen and I will never see them again.

Last year my mom went to a funeral for a week in a different state. My science teacher had told us about how she can't ride airplanes because she's scared of terrorists and scared of bombs. But more people die in car crashes than airplane accidents. So I would freak out. I prayed SOOO hard that week that last night would not have been the last time I see her. Please don't let her airplane crash. Please don't let a drunk driver be on the road with her. Please don't let her have a heart attack.

I remember playing the piano. A hymn. Over and over and over again, I memorized it. I was like, "see, I'm doing the right thing. I'm playing hymns--please don't let her die. "

Just because we are being righteous doesn't mean we won't ever experience pain.

My mom came home safely. But this weekend half my family went on a trip. Me and my sister stayed home. That heart wrenching fear came back again.

Why do I have this fear? I have a testimony of Jesus Christ, of the plan of salvation. I know that if any of my family members were to die right now, that I would be able to see them again. So why do I fear separation?

I guess I have felt my families love, and I don't want to go without it for a second.

I'm sure in heaven, we may have been a bit afraid of leaving our Heavenly Parents because we knew of their love, and didn't want to be separated from them. These two truths are why it is so important to return to heaven with our families so that we can be together forever. Death is not the end, and you will see your family again.

So right here is this incredible video. I absolutely love it. WATCH IT. it is incredible (videos don't work on iOS devices or android, so please please please don't be lazy, get up, take a little extra time to log onto a computer and watch this because you will be blessed for it!!! You truly will!!! It's my favorite!)

We can be with our families forever. We need not be afraid of God's plan for us because He loves us and will make sure that everything we go through will work together for our good. 

You will see your family again. I know it. 

<3 Eliza

P.S. For those of you who decided to skip that video, there is nothing better for you to do with five minutes of your time! Please? For me? It has given me so much comfort, and I feel the Spirit so much as I learn about it. 


  1. Unfortunately I don't have access to a legit computer at the moment, otherwise I would watch it!!! I'll try to remember to come back and watch it later!

    <3 Marie-Rose

    1. Haha that's okay! Just don't forget, because it is seriously super cool (I don't know how they did it, you'll have to watch and see)

  2. My Father's unit is like family to me. It's very hard whenever one of them says that they have to go over seas and serve. But I've got faith that it'll all be okay in the end. Also, sweet video.