Monday, February 3, 2014


Truth is the first element of the armor of God that we need to clothe ourselves with everyday.

A loincloth is a piece of fabrics used as a belt and a protection for vital organs. A warrior cannot leave home without it; otherwise, they will be vulnerable and the rest of their armor will cease to stay in place and protect them from harm. Each piece of armor is placed for a reason, and each one is important for protection.

Truth and a testimony of it is the first thing we need to reach. Truth grounds our integrity and provides a foundation for all other actions. It holds our choices, causes, thoughts, words and deeds in place so that we know exactly how to use them to come closer to Christ. Truth is also a protection, as it guards us against lies, unfairness, misconceptions and vainness.

The prophets have counseled us to read our scriptures and pray every day. Why is that so important? Because every day we face different challenges and trials, and we need the protection of the truth. As we remember who we are, why we are here, and where we are going, we will be able to withstand all of the storms of the adversary.

Truth also holds the rest of the armor in place. Even if we choose the right most of the time, even if we try our best at everything we do and want to listen to Heavenly Father, we will not stay grounded without a knowledge of the truth. In the hardest times, it is our testimony that truly keeps us going.

It is our anchor!

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  1. We judge everything else against what we judge to be true. So truth influences our perception of the things around us.