Monday, March 17, 2014

Lessons from the Principals Office

So today during the last ten minutes of school, I find myself sitting uncomfortably in Mr. Fidelibus's office (isn't that an AWESOME name for a vice principal? Anyway...). This morning started out kinda stormy, I felt sick, seminary wasn't too great (I hate it when that happens), I had a quiz later that I hadn't studied enough for, yadda yadda yadda. The end of the day was the only part that was actually fun for me, hanging out with friends during activity period, and now I was missing it.

He was dealing with another student, so it gives the next victim (me) time to have the wheels in my head turning about what I did wrong. Frantically, I grasped about what I could've possibly done. I hadn't skipped fourth period lately (or ever), I didn't cus at a girl or punch a boy. But still, being in that office scares me. It felt like the walls were going to close down and tell me all the mistakes I had done and that I would have to stay after school for the forsaken detention. Scary, right? (I think I've actually had nightmares about the principals office)

Well, nothing was wrong! I was only being asked to stand as a witness in an act that I had seen happen. I had thought I was innocent, but to hear him tell me "you're not in trouble" was so nice.

I was thinking about that. Life is like this. It starts out a little troublesome maybe, there's some mistakes and trials we need to go through, but by the end we should be all clean and joyful, with a strong family and testimony and joy and peace because we've repented. Then all of a sudden, we are summoned away (however, it will probably be joyful, not "bummer I don't get to talk with my friends." Although... I guess we will miss our family members for a short while...). Anyway, we die. We go to the spiritual "waiting room" and then we finally get called into God's office. I don't know about you, but I think it would be the most amazing thing to hear "you're not in trouble" from my Father in a Heaven. I want to stand as a witness for Jesus Christ.

To make sure we can have that peace in this life and in the next, we need to constantly be reflecting on our actions and faith. Are we on the path God would have us be on? Are we praying? Is there anything we need to repent of?

I want to be ready.

I am so grateful for my Savior, who makes it possible to be forgiven of our sins and to have the peace and feel the Spirit.

<3 Eliza

Ps. Oh! And I finally added pics and memes to the pics and memes page! Thanks for bring patient. :D

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  1. I saw the title and immediately expected a great story. I was not disappointed. ;)