Saturday, June 21, 2014


Ok. School is out. I'm done.

Problem is, just because you're done with school doesn't mean I'm done with busy-ness. Work. And camp. And preparing for camp. And worrying about camp. And hanging out with friends--so tiring! ;)

But I learned you just need to be happy now. Now. Not tomorrow, or when your hair looks good, or when you turn 16. Now.

I liked Uchtdorf's talk in general conference about gratitude. He said that we should be grateful for rainy days too, because without rain there would be no rainbow. I also like the idea of being grateful no matter how MANY blessings you have.

Gratitude is a big part of happiness.

Be happy!!!

<3 Eliza


  1. This post was perfect for this exact moment. I'm going to go be happy now. Thanks!


    1. Thank you! Yeah I needed it right now turns a out that grumpiness doesn't look very good on me :)

  2. I agree, happiness is a choice. Here is one of my favorite quotes. "There are no happy endings, only happy people. It comes from within." --Dorothy Gilman. In a related aside, I am happy to see a new post. Have a fun summer.

  3. Thank you! Yeah, it came a little late but I'm glad to finally be back to the blogging world :)

    Oh yeah I forgot to mention that I made those butterflies! They are so cute! I am definitely making more and decorating my room with them!

  4. Happiness is totally a choice, but it's a really hard choice sometimes.